History, achievements, list of LoL team members in the LCK region

Join Sporting News to find out the most interesting information about Dplus KIA – one of the teams that can achieve high results at the 2023 LoL World Championship. 

History of establishment of DK Lol (Dplus KIA)

Dplus (also known as DWG KIA or DAMWON Gaming in the past) is an Esports organization based in Korea. This organization includes teams from disciplines such as Valorant, Rainbow Six Siege, PUBG, Fornite and League of Legends. Among them, Dplus’s LoL team is one of the most successful teams.

In 2017, DAMWON Gaming acquired Mirage Gaming’s participation in the 2017 Summer Finals. After a number of moves to build and develop the squad, DAMWON won the CK Summer 2018 championship and was promoted to LCK Spring 2019. With impressive achievements in that year’s tournament, DAMWON won the ticket to attend. Worlds 2019 and reached the quarterfinals.

In the following years, DAMWON continuously achieved success with a series of championships in 2020 and 2021, notably the 2020 World Championship title in the final match against SofM’s Sunning. However, they could not successfully defend the throne, losing 2-3 to EDward Gaming in the 2021 finals.

After a successful period, DAMWON went through a period of rebuilding the squad. They only finished 3rd in LCK Spring 2022 and reached the quarterfinals of Worlds that same year. In 2023, DAMWON officially changed its name to Dplus and performed not too impressively in the LCK spring and summer.

List of Dplus KIA members in LCK Spring 2024

Dplus KIA is currently led by head coach Choi “Acorn” Cheon-ju and assistant coach Kang GorillA Beom-hyeon.

LocationIngame nameReal nameNationality
Top roadKingenHwang Seong-hoonKorea
Go to the forestLucidChoi Yong-hyeokKorea
MedianShowMakerHeo SuKorea
ArcherAimingKim Ha-ramKorea
SupportKellinKim Hyeong-gyuKorea

Dplus KIA’s performance in Lol

2019World FinalsQuarterfinals
2020LCK summerChampion
World FinalsChampion
2021KeSPA CupChampion
LCK springChampion
Mid-Season Invitationalrunner-up
LCK summerChampion
World Finalsrunner-up
2022LCK springGrade 3
World FinalsQuarterfinals
2023LCK springRank 5
LCK summerRank 5

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History, achievements, list of LoL team members in the LCK region

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